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Cornershop’s growth increases rapidly with Lokalise’s localization solution

"We're localizing iOS, Android and web apps. Also emails, notifications and static web pages. The experience with Lokalise has been really pleasant."

Daniel Undurraga

Founder & CTO


Key integrations used with Lokalise

"It’s very easy to use, especially for the people that are not very tech-savvy."

Daniel Undurraga, Founder & CTO

Cornershop is an on-demand grocery delivery app where you can order groceries from grocery and specialty stores, and receive them at your door in 60 minutes. They offer their services in many cities in Chile, Mexico, Canada, and Peru, and are ready to expand to more cities and countries in Latin America.


The problem

Cornershop is a multicultural tech company that is growing fast. Because of that, they need faster tools and easier ways to communicate not only between themselves, but also with their customers. Since Cornershop is present in the Latin American market, they need to support and localize their service in both English and Spanish.

They had to localize different platforms such as iOS, Android and web apps, as well as e-mail, notifications and static web pages. The team tried shared documents coupled with internal chat, but it quickly became evident that it was not the best way to keep data updated. Sometimes the docs were duplicated or corrupted, making it unclear as to what the final texts were.

Cornershop believed that there had to be a better way to localize their apps, a solution that would help them handle all of these projects.

"Lokalise is a very handy tool you need to try out, it will improve productivity and save you from a lot of headaches."


After some time, Cornershop found Lokalise and understood that this was exactly what they were looking for. The integration to their current workflow was very intuitive, the team took advantage of the API to export the translations into different projects. The Cornershop team also integrated Lokalise with their different CI deployment processes, and generated all the strings for each product as needed. 

Everything that the Cornershop team needs to change, edit or update can be done for every countries at the same time. They have 60+ people working on different projects and Lokalise removes the burden of coordinating everything. The contributors are constantly updating the text in real time and simultaneously, engineers are able to integrate them seamlessly into the deployment process.

The editorial team, developers and even managers - everyone at the company is able to propose changes, and this improves the productivity and the quality of all the projects. This is key to Cornershop's plan to expand their operations to other countries with different languages.

Some of the features Corneshop enjoys the most:

  • Project history
  • Project statistics
  • API, CLI