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How Deliveree increased translation efficiency through automation by 80%

“Before we had Lokalise, our developer team would lose a lot of time waiting for translations. Now, the developers can work on their tasks without interruptions while translations are automatically updated.”

Eric Vu

Backend developer at Deliveree


Key integrations used with Lokalise

Deliveree literally had no time to lose – but plenty to gain

The Deliveree team was looking to expand to new markets with their delivery logistics services. They are based in Southeast Asia, which is home to many different cultures and languages. That means that if they're going to enter a new market, localizing their content is a must

Backend developer Eric Vu remembers the times when Deliveree was still using Excel spreadsheets to manage their translations, and not with the fondest memories. As their Excel files became larger, it became increasingly difficult to navigate and track any translation changes.

Not to mention, hours of work were lost because of the need to request and wait for translations to be completed, and then implement them in the correct location. If the translators were busy, the whole localization process would be put on hold, which resulted in ineffective development.

By moving to Lokalise, they were able to eliminate the time spent waiting for translations, thereby streamlining the translation-to-development workflow and saving vast amounts of time:

“From a development point of view, Lokalise helped us to increase speed and productivity by 50%. For our product team that's responsible for the translation workflow, the speed has increased by up to 80%.”

An automated localization system for an uninterrupted workflow

Deliveree currently has 10 individuals simultaneously using Lokalise to provide the web and mobile apps with up-to-date localized content, spanning several positions, including developers, translators and project managers. 

In order to ensure a smooth and fully automated process, Deliveree makes use of a combination of integrations. They use BitBucket for their code repository and webhooks to automatically trigger the deployment of updated text. 

Since Deliveree's business involves both mobile and web apps, their developers use a range of different programs and files. Eric is most excited about the different file formats that are compatible with Lokalise, which add up to over 20.


“The diversity of file extensions makes me really excited. I mean, I can upload Ruby files, and the mobile team can upload their files. And the file format is automatically regenerated when we export and import. It's a great feature!”

Eric emphasized how much he and the team enjoy the ability to add screenshots to each translation key. He shared that the addition of the visual context massively speeds up the communication between different roles – be they developers, translators or project managers. 

“Another function we love is being able to link a key with a picture. The ability to insert a screenshot to illustrate what we're trying to say is super convenient.”

The good news doesn't stop there – an internal survey conducted by Deliveree found that 100% of their project managers have found that Lokalise saves them time and increases their productivity.

Some of the features that the Deliveree team enjoys the most:

  • Screenshots
  • Search bar for keys
  • Multiple file extension support
  • Placeholders


All in all, the Deliveree team has created an automated localization process that helps them serve their markets and greatly reduces the amount of friction and time spent waiting on other teammates.

Now, Deliveree is present in three different cities – Manilla, Jakarta and Bangkok. But with Lokalise, they feel confident in their ability to quickly and efficiently move to new markets with ease – localization bottlenecks won't be holding them back.  



"Translation workflow using Lokalise improved our overall business performance."

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