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Healint helps patients all over the world with Lokalise

"Lokalise saved a lot of time and cost in terms of productivity."

Zeeshan Tufail

Lead Software Engineer


Key integrations used with Lokalise

"I would definitely recommend using Lokalise over other solutions."

Zeeshan Tufail, Lead Software Engineer

Healint is a Singapore-based IT company that focuses on healthcare solutions for chronic patients. Migraine Buddy is their most popular app, which helps people with migraine to track, record and easily access the symptom data. Healint’s products are offered in 12 languages.



As Healint kept growing, it was getting harder to manage all their products. Especially since all processes had to be done manually. For example, ordering translations, receiving them on spreadsheets, spending hours on proofreading. In case issues were found, they had to wait for next release to actually see a translation typo fixed.

Healint wanted to automate the process, because manual work and spreadsheets took too much valuable time. It was the moment when they have started to monitor the market for available solutions.


At first they have tried another translation management system (TMS) provider. It proved itself to be less beneficial and lacked some important features. Since that TMS didn’t satisfy Healint, they have decided to try Lokalise and very soon switched to it. Not only the cost was reduced almost by half, but the functionality was also much broader and better. In addition, the much needed real time text update significantly improves the productivity.

During each iteration of Healint’s agile development cycle, they add new keys or update existing translations in Lokalise. At the end of the iteration, the team orders translations from one of the Lokalise translation service providers. Once the order, which usually takes around 3-4 days, is completed, Healint would just need a few clicks to build a new version with new translations.

Healint team enjoys various features offered by Lokalise. Some of them are:

  • Realtime text update without having to release new app for small text changes
  • Ability to choose multiple translation providers
  • Simple UI
  • CLI