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Lokalise helps Lucca to shorten new language release time by 8x

"Finally, we could easily add 2 new languages in a breeze, after delaying it for at least 2 years!"


R&D engineer


Key integrations used with Lokalise

"The QA checks helped us to eliminate at least 300 typos or grammatical errors."

Lucca is a 150-person SaaS company based in France. They offer a wide range of cloud solutions for the automation of internal business processes. Lucca serves more than 2,500 companies and 400,000 end users in more than 80 countries. Their clients range from local SMBs in France to international groups using Figgo to track leaves and absences at their headquarters and in their local and foreign subsidiaries all over the world.



In a context of strong growth, Lucca faced 3 major localization problems:

  • Day-to-day management of translations lacked fluidity and generated errors. A simple text update required updating a spreadsheet, creating a Jira ticket and asking a developer to update the text, then checking if the update was successful. The developer had to create a branch with the modification. This process was error-prone, as the spreadsheet was not always up to date, resulting in old translations replacing more recent ones.
  • New modules have to be translated, but the translations came from spreadsheets. External or internal translators were copypasting the translations into the main spreadsheets with risks of errors. In addition, external translators had to be guided all the time.
  • Adding a new language was a cumbersome operation, as translations for the whole app were split in 80+ spreadsheets. This resulted in new language requests being postponed until an unknown date.


The Lucca team felt the need to establish a continuous and agile localization process. They began their search using "Software Internationalization" and "Translation Management System" keywords. After testing about 16 different TMS, Lucca gave their preference to Lokalise. REST API allowed Lucca to easily integrate Lokalise with their code, while a clear and intuitive user interface created a pleasurable experience.

Their current workflow consists of three simple steps:

  • Developers create new keys and fill the value for the base language.
  • Product Owners check and modify this value.
  • Translators do their job and translate into the target language.

Using a translation management platform allowed Lucca to separate their responsibilities. Now developers don’t have to waste their time on each step of the process. Finally, by using the webhooks, translations are automatically updated on the developer's computer.

Some of the features that the Lucca team enjoys the most:

  • QA checks
  • API
  • Translation memory
  • In-line machine translation suggestions