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Lunar Way is over the moon with Lokalise

"Lokalise is definitely the best tool we have been using for localization."

Kasper Munck

Lead Software Engineer, Mobile


Key integrations used with Lokalise

"Some say: we use this tool for website localization, that tool for backend, another for apps. But we can do everything in one tool - Lokalise."

Lunar Way is a free banking app, which makes it easy for you to handle your personal finances. This fintech company believes that the way of thinking about financial management, budget, consumption and banking experience needs a makeover. They have replaced the paperwork with the most innovative technologies, digital solutions, and a wide range of features that solve your financial needs in their bank app.


Lunar Way started in Denmark, but after rapid growth, they realized that their product was able to conquer other markets too. That is why the company decided to offer its services in other languages. However, this is where the problem arose - the process of localization is not an easy task. Playing with spreadsheets was not fun and certainly not productive.

The hunt for the best translation management solution (TMS) began. Lunar Way started experimenting with different tools, but success varied. None of the TMS provided an ideal solution. Most of those tools were specifically made for web platforms and had a limited amount of features. This may be enough for the beginning, but the company is growing fast and thus the need for more features and options appeared.

The localization problems started to disappear once Lunar Way found Lokalise. It became easier to manage the process of uploading, downloading and updating the keys automatically by using integrations. No need to do everything manually anymore. In addition, the other selling points for the team were the CLI, SDKs and API features.

Current localization workflow for Lunar Way looks like this:

  • Mobile engineers receive the design and start coding
  • Later they add keys to Lokalise through the API
  • Translators work on the content
  • Translations are automatically fetched and embedded in the apps as part of their release pipeline

Some time has passed, but Lunar Way continues their partnership with Lokalise, because new features are constantly being added to the platform. They are happy to have a voice on the new features being built using vote.lokalise.com, as well as the speed of the delivery from the team versus other companies they have been working with.