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How LumApps localizes into 18 languages to reach customers globally

"We wouldn’t be able to reach global markets without translating the application."

Elie Mélois



Key integrations used with Lokalise

"Localization is key to enter new markets. Lokalise has helped us to streamline the process of translating our product into 18 languages."

LumApps is a social and collaborative intranet for enterprise companies. In many organizations communication is often disconnected and spread across different tools such as messengers, social networks, emails, etc. LumApps is designed to connect, inform and engage employees in order to streamline internal communication.


Enterprise intranets are used by employees across the globe who speak many languages other than English. LumApps can’t stress enough how important localization is for them. Their product has to be understandable for everyone. This is especially true for all contributors, because they are publishing the content, which is distributed to everyone else. They need to understand what each feature does and be able to navigate easily.

Before Lokalise

Before Lokalise, LumApps used spreadsheets to manage all their translations. However, after some time this process proved itself impractical, especially for the developers. Precious time that could be invested into adding new features had to be spent on creating and managing the spreadsheets. Not to mention dealing with minor errors and launching the whole revision process all over again.

Android and iOS engineers started looking for the most streamlined solution. They benchmarked the market for translation management systems and found that Lokalise fits their requirements perfectly.

After Lokalise

After establishing the partnership with Lokalise, LumApps is now able to handle 2 times more keys and to quickly onboard new people, especially technical writers.

In addition, the external translation workflow has improved up to 50%. By managing the roles and permissions it is now possible to manage the access without fear that somebody will erase important data.

Some of the most used features include:

  • Integration with translation services
  • Screenshots
  • API

LumApps also loves the outstanding customer support provided by Lokalise.