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Allow your team to continuously translate your digital content simply and efficiently with the collaborative translation platform.

The collaborative translation platform provided by Lokalise The Lokalise collaborative translation platform with the dark mode turned on

More efficient and better for everyone involved

Manage all project translations and tasks in one platform. Eliminate routine tasks for developers. Let managers structure the translation process. Provide translators with numerous CAT features such as translation memory, inline machine translation, and QA checks.

Assign different roles within projects and teams in Lokalise

Assign different roles

Manage access levels as well as roles within teams, and projects. For example, admins, billers, members, and owners.

Organizing users into groups in Lokalise

Group users to save time

Organise users into logical groups, set different access levels to languages and functions. User groups can be easily added to tasks or projects.

Integration of productivity tools in Lokalise

Integrate productivity tools

Integrate the tools you already use for smoother project management, including Jira, Github, Asana, Trello, and more.

Chatting and commenting using the Lokalise built-in communication tool

Chat and comment

Chat and comment on the project at hand in the built-in communication tool. @Mention users to notify them personally.


Lokalise helped us streamline our localization process. Everything from collaborating with external translators to updating translated strings in all of our apps is now as easy as it can be

Luca Meschiari, CTO

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