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Meet the software that's like a Swiss army knife for digital content translators — Lokalise has all the features to boost localization accuracy and speed.

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Enhance your translation abilities with the most innovative translation platform

Increase productivity by leveraging traditional CAT features: translation memory, glossary, machine translation and more. Ensure high quality with ease using automated QA checks and in-context editing

  • An illustration representing the mobile in-context editor feature in Lokalise
    Mobile in-context editor

    Translate apps in Lokalise while navigating them on a connected mobile device. Preview your translation changes instantly and directly in the app.

  • An illustration representing the web in-context editor feature in Lokalise
    Web in-context editor

    Translate directly on the website using the Javascript plugin LiveJS. All changes will be saved to Lokalise.

  • An illustration representing the machine translation feature in Lokalise
    Machine translations

    Save time with automatic translation suggestions from machine translation engines — Google, DeepL, & Microsoft.

  • An illustration representing translation in teams
    Translation memory

    Share it across all projects. Save time and ensure consistency using concordance search in the TM widget.

  • An illustration representing the auto-complete feature in Lokalise

    Start typing, and see suggestions from the translation memory and machine translations.

  • An illustration representing the bilingual view feature in Lokalise
    Bilingual view

    Focus on translating one language at a time. Hide other languages.

  • An illustration representing the multilingual view feature in Lokalise
    Multilingual view

    Translate or edit in several languages while scrolling down through the keys.

  • An illustration representing the change tracking feature in Lokalise
    Diff view

    Track and compare any changes made to the base language and edit it accordingly.

  • An illustration representing the document support feature in Lokalise
    Document support

    Upload and edit document files such as Word and HTML.

  • An illustration representing the focus mode feature in Lokalise
    Focus mode

    Remove any additional information like key names and icons to focus on the translation task only.

  • An illustration representing the glossary feature in Lokalise

    Add terms to the multilingual glossary also known as a term base. Eliminate the ambiguity in how terms are used and improve your translation.

  • An illustration representing the Lokalise feature that allows to hide HTML/placeholders behind the blocks

    Hide HTML/placeholders behind the blocks, which can be dragged around easily and allow to concentrate on the text.

  • An illustration representing the magic scroll feature in Lokalise
    Magic scroll

    Easily navigate through project keys. See the key name, and continue translating from where you left off.

  • An illustration representing the Sketch integration in Lokalise
    Sketch integration

    Two-way integration for Sketch design files. Upload Sketch artboards to Lokalise and allow translators to work before development starts. Shorten localization time-to-market.

  • An illustration representing the translation history feature in Lokalise
    Translation history

    Every change and edit made by any member of the team is saved. Open the translation history and check who made the edits and what exactly was changed. Restore any previous version with one click.

  • An illustration representing the spelling and grammar check features in Lokalise
    Spelling and grammar

    Real-time professional spelling and grammar checker. 20+ languages supported.


From a development point of view, Lokalise helped us to increase speed and productivity by 50%. For our product team that's responsible for the translation workflow, the speed has increased by up to 80%.

Eric Vu, Backend developer

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    Join or create a project

    Get invited by your project manager or create a project yourself.

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    Receive a task

    Choose a task or wait for your project manager to assign you one.

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    Use 10+ translation software tools to improve your performance.

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