by Lokalise

Lokalise Messages translates conversations between customers and agents in real time so you can serve customers worldwide in their preferred language. 

Key features:
  • AI-powered machine translation: Automatically detect language and translate incoming and outgoing messages, for smoother conversations and faster handle times.
  • Analytics Dashboard: Track the number of translated conversations, languages, and characters, and break down the number of conversations by language so you can make better decisions and understand where you need more support.
  • Glossary: Reduce translation errors that lead to customer confusion, and double down on resolution rates by leaning on a glossary of already translated and approved industry and company terms.
  • 100+ languages in an instant: Let agents support customers in any language, including Chinese, Spanish, Arabic, French, Japanese and German. Prepare for much more volume in new markets without hiring extra agents.
How to install:

For complete instructions see our Dixa installation instruction page.

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