Lokalise Messages for Front

You can now add multi-language support to Front with the Lokalise Messages integration. Translate customer messages in realtime and enjoy effortless two-way conversations in 100+ languages.

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Build customer relationships worldwide

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    Instantly translate multilingual requests

    Break down language barriers and keep current workflows running smoothly with instant message translation.

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    Keep customers happy worldwide

    Serve customers and prospects in their native languages and keep CSAT rates on track as you expand to new markets.

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    Increase productivity in every language

    Equip everyone in your team with realtime translation tool, so they can work together to quickly tackle issues in any language.

Multilingual support at your fingertips

Automatic AI translation

Machine translation instantly translates incoming and outgoing messages to a language that both you and your customers understand.


Language-based routing

Automatically detect the language of incoming messages and route conversations to team members that speak the same language.


Data-driven decisions

See how your team performs in different languages with a dashboard that shows customer satisfaction metrics per language.


Team glossary

No need to translate every word from scratch. You can keep a glossary of industry terms plus company terms that are unique to your business.


The preferred real-time multilingual support integration of 1000+ customers

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How Lokalise Messages for Front works


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70% of customers feel more loyal to companies that provide support in their native language. Why wait?

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