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Use the advanced localization management tools to oversee your projects from start to finish and coordinate task completion without a hitch. Launch your product in new markets as fast as ever.

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Improve localization workflow

Create a continuous localization process. Product teams can collaborate, manage and review translations in an agile way.

  • An illustration representing the localization dashboard in Lokalise

    Manage the entire localization process from a single dashboard, track progress, and keep an eye on QA issues.

  • An illustration representing the language screenshots feature in Lokalise

    Upload screenshots for context – text on the images will be automatically recognized and matched with keys.

  • An illustration representing task management in Lokalise

    Create and assign translation and review tasks to contributors. Chain tasks and set up custom translation statuses.

  • An illustration representing translation in teams
    Translate in teams

    Invite in-house or outsourced collaborators to work on the project, create tasks, and provide feedback.

  • An illustration representing the statistics and reports features in Lokalise
    Statistics and reporting

    Know what’s going on with your localization projects. Check the statistics by languages, keys, words, translators, and more. Available in real-time.

  • An illustration representing Lokalise integrations with project management tools
    Asana, JIRA, Trello

    Connect Lokalise to popular project management tools and better manage the internal workflow. See all integrations.

  • An illustration representing the chained tasks feature in Lokalise
    Chained tasks

    Set up tasks which will be sequentially activated. No need to wait for all the languages to be finished by other translators, before activating the next task for an already completed language.

  • An illustration representing the comment and chat features in Lokalise
    Comments and chat

    Add comments to a whole project or to particular keys. Use @mentions to get someone’s attention.

  • An illustration representing the filters feature in Lokalise

    Locate keys by applying various filters. Create and save customized filters.

  • Automations

    Set up multi-step automation rules that monitor specific locales for changes and automatically perform actions on other locales, e.g. run pre-translation with TMs or use machine translations.

  • An illustration representing the mobile SDK insights feature in Lokalise
    Mobile SDK insights

    Monitor localization stats like the device and app languages, via our iOS and Android SDK.

  • An illustration representing the professional translation services feature in Lokalise
    Translation services

    Order translations from Lokalise translators (lifetime quality guarantee) or from third-party vendors available in our marketplace. Prices start from US$0.07 per word.

  • An illustration representing the project history feature in Lokalise
    Project activity

    See all project history in one timeline.

  • An illustration representing the QA check features in Lokalise
    QA checks

    Supports different QA checks: inconsistent HTML tags, misplaced placeholders, leading and trailing spaces and more.

  • An illustration that represents managing user roles & permissions in Lokalise
    Roles & permissions

    Manage access rights and tasks for each individual user or user groups collectively.

  • An illustration representing the upvoting feature in Lokalise

    Allow same language translators to suggest different translations and vote for the most suitable version.

  • WP_Contentful
    Content management

    Lokalise can be integrated with popular CMS, CRM, and help desk software like WordPress, Contentful, Salesforce, Intercom, and Zendesk; making it easy to manage your multilingual content on these platforms.

  • Dev_tools
    Dev tools

    Minimize dev involvement in the localization process by providing them with automation tools – the powerful API, CLI, mobile SDKs, and integrations with GitHub, Bitbucket, GitLab, and more.

  • Status_management
    Status management

    For a more efficient workflow, add custom statuses to translations in the project. You can also set automated rules for translation statuses to apply, following changes in the source language.

  • Vendor_profiles
    Vendor rate profiles

    Add one or more language service providers, define the rates, and Lokalise will calculate the costs of the translation tasks accordingly, taking into account translation memory leverage.

Gain a competitive advantage by entering new international markets faster and smoother

Start a new localization project

Upload files for localization or ask developers to do it in seconds.

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Invite collaborators

Connect translators, editors, proofreaders to the project and assign tasks to them.

An illustration representing the collaboration features of Lokalise localization management platform

Track progress, control the process

See how much is done, what's yet to be translated, and estimate time to finish

An illustration representing the progress tracking features of Lokalise


Launch multiple languages up to 8x faster than when using spreadsheets or other tools.

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Lokalise allowed us to scale into new markets by adding new languages with little effort. Adding extra context to our resources helped us to provide more accurate translations.

Kasper Supré, Product Manager

What can you localize with Lokalise?

  • Web app localization with Lokalise
    Web apps

    Any kind of web apps — backend, frontend, single page, blogs — you name it.

  • Mobile app localization with Lokalise
    Mobile apps

    Upload any mobile platform language files. Embed Lokalise iOS SDK or Lokalise Android SDK if you prefer.

  • Game localization with Lokalise

    Our cloud software is trusted by many leading game developers around the world.

  • Document localization with Lokalise

    Upload your DOCX and static HTML files.

  • Marketing email localization with Lokalise
    Marketing e-mails

    Translate emails to speak your customer’s language and grow engagement.

  • IoT localization with Lokalise

    We support most popular localization file formats.

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