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Transifex Alternative: Lokalise vs. Transifex

Lokalise is one of the largest and fastest growing translation management systems available for a simple reason – we are laser-focused on building a product that accelerates our customers’ localization efforts. We continuously deliver features that our customers use and love, which is why our customers rank us #1 on G2 and Capterra.

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Hats off to the team at Transifex

They have built a solid localization product. However, you’re here because you’re doing your research on Transifex alternatives and want to better understand Transifex vs. Lokalise. Let’s look at the top ways Lokalise can help you ship multilingual products faster and with fewer errors.


So, what’s the difference between Lokalise and Transifex?

There are features, integrations, and other important product differences between the two platforms which we’ll cover later on. But, to really understand what sets us apart, we compared reviews and talked with customers who have used both platforms. Hopefully, the answers that we gathered will help with your evaluation as well.

Lokalise is easier to set up

When assessing the two solutions, people found Lokalise easier to use, set up, and administer.

But don’t take our word for it, compare Lokalise and Transifex side by side on G2.

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50+ integrations to connect with your existing tech stack

Lokalise was built for tech teams, so we understand the importance of “plug and play” options to connect with your existing tech stack. We also have a robust and well-documented API.

Unlike Transifex, all integrations are included in your chosen pricing plan.

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Transparent and straightforward pricing

Our pricing is simple and straightforward with no hidden fees. Keep your focus on your users, and don’t worry about unexpected changes to your bill when adding a new language.

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Flexibility and ease of use

We've learned that it can be complicated to make simple edits with Transifex, such as adding a new language or locale, or changing the source of existing keys. Lokalise allows you to make these changes in seconds.

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Industry-leading customer support team

Our support team is famous for being fast, friendly, and helpful. Each interaction in our live chat is answered by a real human and the average response time is under two minutes.

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What you get when you switch to Lokalise


Powerful API

Lokalise provides a modern, fast, and flexible RESTful API. Our API follows CRUD principles, and it allows you to manipulate the content of your projects, manage contributors, create translation tasks, update custom translation statuses, and much more.

Lokalise_vs_Transifex_over-the-air updates

Over-the-air updates

Publish translation updates instantly. No need to wait for the next deployment or re-submit a new version for approval from the App Store or Google Play.


Different types of context to improve the quality of translations

Upload screenshots or connect Figma, Sketch, or Adobe XD, to share visual context with translators. Text on the images is automatically recognized and matched with keys. You can also add metadata, descriptions and links, or see how translation changes look in real time on your web or mobile app through live in-context editors.


Flexible workflows

Manage and organize your translation and localization workflow in a way that works best for your team. Lokalise allows you to set multiple revision steps and chain them one after another. You can also assign custom statuses, both manually and in bulk, and use sophisticated search and filter functionalities so that no string can slip through the cracks.


Branching (version control)

Work on a new version of your content, while simultaneously supporting previous versions. Merge the two when ready and resolve any automatically identified conflicts.

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Automate the sequence of tasks in your project

Organize tasks into chains so that when one task is completed, the next one starts automatically. Keep your project moving quickly by reducing the number of routine manual tasks.

Features and integration comparison

  • Transifex
  • Lokalise
Transifex Lokalise
Online translation editor
Project management dashboard
Chained tasks
Custom translation statuses
Custom language codes
Simultaneous cross-platform translation
Screenshot automapping
Over-the-air SDKs
Figma, Sketch
Adobe XD
GitHub, GitLab
Azure repos
HubSpot, Storyblok

See what our customers are saying about Lokalise

Lokalise has turned a task we were dreading into an absolute pleasure. Great platform, intuitive UX, powerful API. The automatic text recognition for screenshots has been a lifesaver, and over-the-air updates are the icing on the cake.

Edward Cooper Chief Mobile Officer
Multi-quote - Revolut

Lokalise allows us to translate our app into a new language in 2-3 days. It's a one stop platform to manage all the translations, either for developers or product owners. We wouldn't be able to manage an international app without Lokalise.

Marie-Sophie Côté Product Owner
Multi-quote - Poka

Lokalise will be a great solution for internationally operating tech companies that want to release new products and features quickly.

Anna Söderbom UX Writing Manager
Multi-quote - KRY

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