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The distinction between cotton and spandex might seem minor, but when it's lost in translation, the shopping experience is compromised. With Lokalise, ensure every customer feels seen and the clarity you provide drives sales.

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Consider this

These are not just numbers. They represent an untapped market of Spanish-speaking consumers waiting for products and services tailored to their needs. 


75% of consumers

are more inclined to buy products presented in their native language.

This isn't just about numbers; it's about a vast market of Spanish-speaking consumers.

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13% of Americans

or a whopping 39 million potential customers you might be missing out on, speak Spanish as their primary language.

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Thousands of searches covered

Harness the power of popular retail keywords in Spanish, catering specifically to a US audience. Take advantage of lower costs compared to their English counterparts, and see an immediate impact on your ROI.

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Localization is the key to your rapid growth

Don't just take our word for it—delve into the success story of Cornershop. Discover how they used localization to enhance their growth, and how you can do the same.

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Why Lokalise?

No limits on business size

Whether you're a small retailer starting your journey or an established giant looking to expand your reach, Lokalise can help streamline your localization process.

Pricing starts at $120 per month.

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AI translations that sound human

Ensure your message is accurately translated without a hefty dent in your budget.

Translate, shorten, rephrase, optimize for SEO, and more – all starting at $0.04 per word.

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On-brand customer experiences

Create the same brand experience across all languages. Add your glossary, tone preferences, and style guide for translations that are on brand.

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Language shouldn't stand between you and your next sale. Embrace Spanish. Open your doors to 39 million eager shoppers. Begin your journey with Lokalise.