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New in August: improvements to tasks, TM enhancements, WordPress updates, and more ????

This month, we’ve made improvements to task dashboards, and  translation memory, launched word count in task setup, and updated the WordPress integration. Plus, we’re excited to share useful content for Git users, to make life easier. 

Read on for the updates in full. ???? 

Task dashboard filters

Swiftly navigate and find the tasks you need using filtering criteria, like task name, status, due date, and many others.

Word count in task setup

Visualize the word count instantly before creating tasks and match translation volume per language with translator availability to ensure translations are always completed in time.

WordPress update

We’ve improved our Lokalise and WordPress integration experience so you can install the plugin even when using a customized login page.

Translation memory improvements

We’ve added two features to make inline translation memory suggestions easier to use. When presenting a fuzzy match, it is now clear what the differences are compared to the source text. We now also show which translation memory the match is coming from, to give translators additional context. 

New content: 10 Git commands for your day-to-day work

One for the Git users among us! In this article we discuss the best Git commands to utilize in your day-to-day work to increase efficiency. We cover some examples and talk about the usage of these commands, so hold on tight. Learn more here.


That’s it for August, see you next month! ????

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