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With efficient localization towards fast-growing user base

“Lokalise is a nice process optimization tool. It carries the heavy load of the localization process that would otherwise cause stressful nights and arguments between people.” 

Aleš Ruter

Chief Creative Officer at Eligma


Key integrations used with Lokalise

Breaking out of the home market

''Our product is called GoCrypto. We are offering online and offline merchants a solution for accepting crypto payments directly at their stores,'' Eligma’s Chief Creative Officer Aleš Ruter starts the company's localization story. GoCrypto allows sellers to accept payments in crypto, then delivers the purchase amount to the seller converted in euros, dollars, or other currency. The payment is fully contactless. At the cash register, you simply scan the purchase QR code with your mobile crypto wallet, confirm the transaction and you are done. GoCrypto is also integrated into many online store platforms. 

GoCrypto was launched in 2019 and is rapidly expanding from its home market, Slovenia, to other European countries and to Latin America. Today, GoCrypto is available in 13 countries. ''And we are working hard to localize our product for all those markets,'' Aleš adds.


The switch from the mainstream to Lokalise

Before the team discovered Lokalise, they were using other types of computer-assisted translation software. However, these could not fully satisfy the GoCrypto needs. According to Urška Daly, Content Writer at GoCrypto, the number of languages they had to work with was growing and at one point, the ‘mainstream solutions’ became impractical to use.  

''It was technically difficult to add new languages, and you had to pay a considerable amount of money to upgrade whilst taking the risk that the translators who you work with do not even have the same software,'' Urška explains. ''On top of that, they didn't accept a lot of formats in which you can import the localization data. That was a problem.''

That's when GoCrypto started to look for other solutions. The team had a few specific requirements for their new translation management system. ''First of all, it had to be a common solution that everybody could use and that everybody could access,'' Aleš points out. And secondly, it had to enable you to provide visual context to translators.

 “Lokalise allows you to upload wireframes and pictures. That was a big factor because the translator needs to see what the translation of an individual screen is all about. You simply have to see it.”

After a bit of research and a bit of comparing a number of tools, the team decided to go for Lokalise.


A non-stop product localization process

Using Lokalise, GoCrypto has established a continuous localization workflow that goes hand in hand with the product development process. Here's how it looks:

Once the design files, such as wireframes, are finished, they are passed on to the development team that builds the new page or app. Then, the development team generates the translation keys and imports them to Lokalise. There, all the texts are once again reviewed and polished if necessary. When that's done, the localization project manager orders the translations.

One of the features GoCrypto uses in their everyday work is Branching. Generally, the feature allows the team to work on multiple project branches at the same time and merge them into one whenever they are ready.

''All our translators work on the development branch and when the translations are ready, we merge them into the master branch,'' Aleš explains. Then, from the master branch, everything is sent to the development team that further updates the web page or app.


Key features used:

  • Branching
  • Tasks
  • Screenshots

''Without a tool like Lokalise, we would've gone mad''

As GoCrypto adds more languages, they see the company's customer base grow significantly. Needless to say, the team will continue localizing their product for new markets.

Aleš admits that now with Lokalise the process of adding new languages is much faster and much less painful. ''I would even say that Lokalise enables us to do it. Without a tool like Lokalise, we would've gone mad,'' Aleš says.

“Lokalise brings mindfulness into the process and it also carries the heavy load of the localization process. The infrastructure and the architecture of the tool are really good. We can simply create tasks and then the translators do the rest. Also, the whole process of project management is simplified quite a lot.”

What the GoCrypto team wants is to set up a system where Lokalise helps them further optimize their localization processes. ''We're connecting all of our projects and products to GitLab and we are also testing and playing with the Sketch and Zendesk integrations. In other words, we want to make Lokalise a hub for all of our languages and then connect it directly to our products,'' Aleš tells us.

Among other things, Aleš gives a big thumbs up to the Lokalise support team: ''The guys on the support are always there, ready to point you in the right direction. The support is blazing fast. Thumbs up for that!''

“We would recommend Lokalise to anyone who is trying to enter different markets and anyone who is working with different languages, no matter the product – it might be a web page, app, or anything else, really.”


  • Present in 13 countries
  • 11 languages
  • 7 new languages in 6 months
  • Over 1300 locations
  • 260% growth of new GoCrypto locations in the last 6 months
  • Translation, editing, QA takes 2-3 weeks per language

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