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When you switch from Transifex to Lokalise, you can enjoy a more intuitive user interface with the ability to perform countless more actions in the click of a mouse, a powerful API, and extra features for context sharing.

Figma and Sketch integrations, screenshots with automatic text recognition, web & mobile in-context editors, and other features are also included.

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Transifex Lokalise
Online translation editor
Project management dashboard
Chained tasks
Custom translation statuses
Custom language codes
Integrated comments and chat
Translation memory
Live in-context editors

Web only

Web & mobile

Simultaneous cross-platform translation
Over-the-air SDKs
Sketch, Adobe XD
Make changes on the go

With Transifex®, making simple edits, such as adding a new language or locale or changing the source of the existing keys, might often be a distressing process. Eliminate any extra steps to achieve simple tasks and get these changes made in seconds with Lokalise.

Create more flexible workflows

Manage and organize your translation and localization workflow in a way that works best for your team. Lokalise allows you to set multiple revision steps and chain them one after another, assign custom statuses, both manually and in bulk, and use sophisticated search and filter functionalities so that no string can slip through the cracks.

A single tool for everyone

Eliminate routine tasks faced by developers. Allow managers to structure the translation process. Get designers to review the design early on. Provide translators with numerous CAT features, such as translation memories, glossaries, spell checkers, inline suggestions and many more.

Collaborate with your team in a single workspace, leave comments on particular strings, and let others use the project chat to share their thoughts.

Numerous integrations available

Connect Lokalise to your favorite tools and existing workflows using the numerous available integrations. These include GitHub, GitLab, iOS and Android SDK, Figma, Sketch, Contentful, Webhooks, Slack, Jira, Asana to name but a few.

Powerful API

Lokalise provides a modern, fast, and flexible RESTful API without rate limiting. Our API follows CRUD principles, and it allows you to manipulate contents of your projects, manage contributors, create translation tasks, update custom translation statuses and so much more. Webhooks with a subscription model are included.

What you get when you switch to Lokalise


Eliminate needless waiting with chained tasks

You can organize tasks into chains so that when one task is completed, the next task in the chain starts automatically.


Custom translation statuses

Use your own indicators to describe the status of any translation. Choose custom words and color-code the statuses, providing for an easier overview.


Branching (version control)

Work on a new version of your content, while simultaneously supporting previous versions. Merge the two when ready, and resolve any automatically identified conflicts.


Use screenshots with automatic text recognition

Automatic OCR (Optical Character Recognition) of the text on your screenshots. Powerful screenshot management and tagging.


See and edit translation changes directly in your iOS app

Navigate your app with the embedded Lokalise LiveEdit and see it mirrored in the web browser interface for easier translation. Your changes will appear instantly.


GitHub / GitLab / Azure Repos / Bitbucket

Set up code repository integrations with the auto-pull option so Lokalise instantly imports language file updates as you push them to your repo.

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Lokalise allowed us to scale into new markets by adding new languages with little effort. Adding extra context to our resources helped us to provide more accurate translations.

Kasper Supré, Product Manager

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