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Introducing the “Jump-start Lokalise” course in our Academy

As you’re probably aware, we recently launched Lokalise Academy, and introduced our first “Crash course in localization”. But that’s only the first step, for sure! Today, I would like to present a new release that we had in the works for some time – the “Jump-start Lokalise” course!

What’s this course about?

“Jump-start Lokalise” is aimed at learners who would like to know our platform better, explore its features, and learn about typical use cases and workflows. It will be helpful for both new customers as well as existing ones who are looking to broaden their knowledge and see more advanced features in action. This course was mostly produced by me, Ilya Bodrov-Krukowski, and is based on our internal training, which every employee undergoes when they join the company. Therefore, most of the presented materials are battle-tested and reviewed by dozens of specialists who provided invaluable feedback and suggestions. You don’t need to have any prior knowledge of internationalization, localization, or the translation process in general.

Throughout this course, you will explore all the major features of Lokalise; seeing each one in action with detailed explanations, and studying additional materials like documentation and blog posts. Lastly, you’ll take a final exam – once you’ve passed it, you can grab your completion certificate stating that you are ready to use the Lokalise TMS in your day-to-day work. Cool, right?

Course overview

First of all, here are some figures:

  • The course presents 18 learning modules with various activities.
  • It features 76 video tutorials with thorough explanations.
  • You’ll also be presented with 15 quizzes.
  • Apart from that, there are more than 20 extra activities: additional docs, recommended practice, webinars, and blog posts.
  • The total estimated course length is 8–10 hours (you can finish it faster, though).

Now, what topics will you learn about? Here’s the full list of modules:

  1. User accounts and teams — how to register at Lokalise, manage your account, and your team.
  2. Translation projects — what translation projects are, how to create them, view statistics and activity, use project chat, and more.
  3. Project editor and translation keys — this module explains what translation keys are, how they are used in applications, and how to translate within the Lokalise web editor.
  4. Project languages — learn about managing languages and their settings.
  5. Working with translation keys — learn how to manage your keys, change their statuses, view history, utilize placeholders, and beyond.
  6. Handling screenshots — everything you need to know about screenshot management, including key linking and automatic key detection.
  7. Translation memory — this module explains what translation memory is, how to take advantage of it, and how to manage translation memory storage.
  8. Glossary — extensive information on project glossaries. Learn how to create new entries, adjust their properties, and share glossaries between projects.
  9. Uploading and downloading translation files — a focus on translation file management and thorough explanation of every upload and download option that Lokalise provides.
  10. Working with tasks — how to create translation and review tasks, how to assign contributors, create task templates and chained tasks, and view task analysis.
  11. Teams, users, contributors, and groups — discover all there is to know about user management, user permissions, and groups.
  12. Ordering professional translations — learn about translation providers that Lokalise supports and their specifics, and see order creation in practice.
  13. Project features (advanced) — a handful of tutorials that focus on different project features, including automations, QA checks, segmentation, and many others.
  14. Translation key features (advanced) — learn about additional features like offline translation and custom translation statuses as well as dealing with duplicate translations.
  15. Team features (advanced) — explore secure password configuration, audit logs, and vendor rate profiles.
  16. Lokalise subscription plans and payment — all you should know about Lokalise subscription plans as well as payment options.
  17. Working with Lokalise Apps — in this module, you’ll explore some of the major Lokalise Apps (previously known as “integrations”), including GitHub, Amazon S3, Figma, Trello, Zapier, and many others.
  18. Migrating to Lokalise from other services — learn how to migrate your existing data from other TMS to Lokalise.
  19. Final exam and certificate — now it’s time for the final exam, then can download your certificate, signed by the instructor, in PDF format.

So, as you can see, all major aspects will be covered; you’ll also receive a hefty dose of practical knowledge!

A few words about your instructor

So, in addition to course creation, I’ll be your main instructor, guiding you through all the Lokalise features and specifics. I have worked at Lokalise for three years now, and I really love teaching people. Previously, I worked as a Microsoft and Cisco tutor, then I gave lectures at the university. Now, I’m an instructor and a video blogger (my YouTube channel presents videos on software development). People tell me that I’m quite good at explaining things, so I decided to share this course with the world.

My Lokalise colleagues also present some other learning materials, such as webinars and blog posts. Plus, our friends from other companies, who are experts in their fields with many years of experience, do so too. We really hope that you’ll find this course useful and engaging!


Well, that’s all I wanted to share with you today. Of course, we understand that Lokalise is constantly evolving, new features appear, the UI changes, and so on. Therefore, we will continue supporting and updating this course as needed, and providing additional learning activities. This is only the first version, and we hope to make it even better with your help. You’ll have a chance to share your feedback after completing this course — it will be really helpful for us!

Thank you for your attention and I hope to see you in the “Jump-start Lokalise” course soon!

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