Automate the translation and localization process in Django

Speed up your Django translation workflow by leveraging all the features of a dev-centric software localization tool.

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Ship multilingual products faster and with fewer errors

40+ integrations to connect with your existing tech stack

Eliminate manual work with our powerful API, CLI, Webhooks, and integrations with GitHub, Bitbucket, GitLab, Azure Repos, Jira, and more.

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Higher quality translations

Spend less time on quality assurance with automated QA checks, translation memory, and glossaries. Add product screenshots (text on the images will be automatically recognized) and avoid never-ending questions about context.

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Work less, release faster

Easily find and link duplicates or try merging multi-platform keys to avoid translating the same keys twice. Use tags to organize keys, leverage fully supported plural forms, universal placeholders, and more.

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Work on translations together, all in one place

Allow your team to continuously translate content while you focus on the code.

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    teammates and get your translations done.

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    your multilingual Django app in a flash.

Lokalise will be a great solution for internationally operating tech companies that want to release new products and features quickly.

Anna Söderbom UX Writing Manager
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We wanted our app release and development process to be frictionless and seamless. With Lokalise, that's doable.

Yoni Lindenfeld Co-founder and VP of Engineering
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Some say: we use this tool for website localization, that tool for backend, and another for apps. But we can do everything in one tool – Lokalise.

Kasper Munck Lead Software Engineer
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Learn more about Django localization

Allow managers to structure the translation process. Get designers to review the design early on using the Adobe XD, Figma, and Sketch plugins. Provide translators with numerous CAT features, such as translation memories, glossaries, spell checkers, hot keys, and many more.

  • Python

    A beginner’s guide to Python i18n

    Get started with popular modules and common tasks to internationalize your application.

  • Django

    Django i18n: A beginner’s guide

    From a developer starting out on a project to one wanting to adapt an existing Django application, this beginner’s guide talks about the nuances of working using the i18n process in Django.

  • Django_Advanced_i18n

    Advanced Django Internationalization

    A deeper dive into Django’s i18n capabilities if you are looking for a more advanced look at Django’s internationalization features.

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