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Meet Gita Timofejeva, Account Manager

Welcome to Humans of Lokalise. We’re building a culture here at Lokalise where amazing people (like you) can do their best work. Stay tuned to get to know our team, one person at a time. 

I love the team spirit and how we encourage each other in our Slack channels with feedback from our customers and partners. And we have the courage to share our failures and difficulties, too. 

Gita Timofejeva, Account Manager

What do you do at Lokalise?

I’m an Account Manager, and I’m responsible for keeping our partners satisfied with Lokalise long-term. It’s a challenging role because you need to reach a consensus amongst parties who have their own goals – the customer business team, legal, purchasing and finance, our product, and our customer success and sales management teams. 

Getting it right requires patience and a deep understanding of each party’s business interests. 

You also need excellent communication skills to convey messages in a neutral, yet positive light and flex your creative muscle to think outside the box. But most importantly: it’s about teamwork – you have to be able to motivate the internal teams to be able to inspire the customers for a worthwhile journey with Lokalise ????

Tell us about your journey at Lokalise. 

I joined Lokalise in January 2020 as a Sales Executive when the sales team just began to grow. 

I come from a traditional language services industry, so everything was new to me: the Lokalise platform and the buyers who were mainly software engineers. Initially, I was scared of meeting engineers because I don’t come from a technical background, and they use a lot of jargon. It took some time to get used to, but it’s exciting to be continuously learning!

How would you describe working here?

I love the fast-paced environment at Lokalise – all the new technology we test and adopt to improve our processes, like Gong, Salesloft, and Mixmax are awesome. 

I also like the team spirit and how we encourage each other in our Slack channels with feedback from our customers and partners. And we have the courage to share our failures and difficulties, too.

Some positivity from our Slack channels:

What is your favorite thing about Lokalise?

I love that you can have ownership of your results and have an impact on the company’s growth. Being able to treat your area of responsibility as your own business and striving to hit business goals is exciting, challenging, and fulfilling.

I don’t view working at Lokalise as an employee on the 9 to 5 grind for the sake of a salary or survival. 

What advice would you give to someone starting in a remote-first company? 

My advice is simple: Be realistic. While there are plenty of advantages, there are also downsides you should be aware of. 

It’s awesome to be able to exercise in the morning instead of commuting, save money, and eat at home with your kids, who can learn more about your profession.

But the truth is, you do miss real-life interactions and comradery with your fellow colleagues. For me, taking part in joint challenges like walking contests keeps the energy high. It’s a great dose of healthy competition and we get to share beautiful pictures of our routes!

Ultimately, when you don’t have something you value it more. When I meet a colleague in a co-working space or a random gathering after work, I appreciate it more compared to when I was working in the office.

What was the most recent cool thing you’ve learned?

Here’s (literally!) the coolest thing I learned recently: I can continue swimming outdoors even when the temperature drops to 5 degrees Celsius. It’s great – you can extend the Northern European summer and wake up early in the morning without needing any caffeine.

Wish you were here? Join Gita to build your career in sales or take a look at all our open roles. We think you’ll love it here!

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