The top 10 product management blogs to follow in 2021

We know just how busy product management (PM) teams are. So, we thought we’d save you one more job. With the input of our own team, we’ve rounded up some of the best product management blogs out there. Whether you’re looking for a framework template, some tips on best practices, or want some inspiration from the best brands out there, there’s a blog here for you.

The Product Management Blog 

Let’s start with a classic. Founded in 2014, Product School’s blog is for anyone wanting to know the ins and outs of product development. With instructors from top tech companies like Uber, Spotify, and Amazon, they extend the same expertise and insights to their blog. From leadership and storytelling to conflict resolution, they’ve built a valuable resource for any PM team.

Check out first

Use the blog search bar and you’ll find some brilliant free resources, such as their product comparison or customer journey templates.

The SVPG insights blog

The Silicon Valley Product Group (SVPG) is made up of industry veterans, and their blog is packed full of lessons learned and best practices to follow. Their voice is inspiring and full of honest takes about the shortcomings of product management methods, and how to best tackle these issues.

What we love

They commit to their principles in a 10-part manifesto, laying out exactly why they formed the group and what they’re here to do.

Product Talk 

Run by product development coach Teresa Torres, Product Talk starts with the premise that building products is hard. And we couldn’t agree more! So, we like her style of breaking down complex concepts, showcasing infographics, and creating tangible elements and workflows we can practically use.

What they do well

Teresa emphasizes the importance of continuous discovery, and how to always include your customer in the process. 

Inside Intercom

The communications masters at Intercom dissect everything product, design, and innovation in their blog, Inside Intercom. Alongside beautifully crafted visual design to accompany their writing, they lay out unique frameworks and approaches.

Truly showcasing their brand integrity, they take a refreshing look to explore more personal workplace topics such as ethics, burnout, and imposter syndrome.

What they do differently

They include a diverse array of expertise, and spotlight different voices through guest blogs, such as this one from Lokalise, Not investing in localization is costing you more than you think.

Productboard Blog

Since Productboard’s entire platform and focus is for product managers, they understand product like no other (did we say product enough?!). In their blog, they deep dive into specific PM problems and tangibly dissect how these problems can be addressed. This industry favorite is filled with actionable frameworks such as how to build a product-driven roadmap, product/market fit, and how to write a product spec. A must-read for product teams everywhere.

What we love

Their lived experience from the various startups and scaleups that use Productboard shape their learnings in their blog, which they share through examples and collaborative pieces.

Mind the Product 

The Mind the Product blog comes from the creators of Product Tank, who provide the “world’s largest network of meetups for product people.” As well as plenty of top quality blogs on common topics such as product roadmaps and strategy; their career and leadership advice for the product marketer is unrivalled.

Their dedication not only to refining the craft of PM, but also to cross-collaboration with other PMs is evident in their blog.

Check out

Their busy Slack community. It is a highlight for us as it allows a glimpse into real-life PM issues, as well as solutions from some of the best.

Bring the Donuts

The brainchild of Ken Norton, Bring the Donuts was started back in 2005 while Ken was in the midst of a 14-year stint as a PM at Google. Now as a product leadership coach and speaker, his reputation is almost unparalleled in the PM world.

Ken’s thought leadership and humor shine through in his blog, and his in-depth writing about everything product speaks volumes.

Don’t miss

Ken’s quintessential (and famous) essay on How to Hire a Product Manager.

Reforge blog 

Reforge’s blog is curated by some of the best product minds from Silicon Valley (Think Stripe, Uber, Facebook, Google, Slack, and Intercom, among others). Their posts are well structured and easily digestible, always explaining complex concepts in just a few words. As well as this, they use real-life examples to back up their methods.

What we especially love

They have some of the best product courses out there (called Reforge programs) which also tie nicely into their content.

Product Coalition 

Product Coalition collects top PM knowledge from across Medium and curates it, so you’ll find an abundance of perspectives in one place. The layout means you can see what others are reading, and you can get different perspectives in a single place from different product experts. It’s a go-to resource and product community, which also boasts a podcast and Slack community.

Read first

One of their most-read resources, Product Roadmaps: Love, Hate (& Hate)

Lokalise blog

We couldn’t do a top product management blog list without highlighting a few of our own! Our blog is mainly for other product managers and enthusiasts working in localization. We’re dedicated to educating and providing insights about localization. We also share product updates, insights, best practices and what it’s like to work at Lokalise.

Why we blog

Our aim is to share localization processes with companies that want to grow. So, check out one of our favorite blogs by our PM team, 6 everyday ways to automate your workflow, or one of our monthly product updates.

That’s a wrap

So, there you have it, our team’s favorite, most read, and most used PM blog resources. Don’t have time? Bookmark these blogs and come back to them, or sign up to one of the many newsletters to get insights direct to your inbox.

Do you have a go-to PM blog or community you find helpful? Let us know by tagging us on one of our social channels!

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