2023 Top localization professionals

We asked LinkedIn “Who are the top localization professionals?”

And the people have spoken.

Here’s a list of the top 30 localization professionals and experts to follow, connect, and interact with in 2023. 

No. NameBio
Sälli Silm

Sälli has worked in the localization industry for more than 13 years. She has held various positions in localization for Booking.com, Bugaboo, FedEx and is currently the Localization Program Manager at Bolt.

With such diverse experience, she’s encountered varying levels of localization proficiency over the years, but has developed a strength for building efficient processes and dedicated teams.

She’s passionate about languages, excited about different cultures and their nuances, and can’t imagine working in any other field.

Yuka Nakasone
Yuka is a critical and strategic thinker and writer with over 25 years of expertise in the globalization industry. She designs and implements internationalization and localization strategies that enable businesses to thrive on a global scale. 
Diana Georgieva
With over 10 years experience in the localization industry delivering value, Diana is currently leading the content localization team at Pleo, a fintech company.
Ilona Zaharkina Pedersen
Ilona is a resourceful professional with commercial business experience within localization and project management. She thrives at the crossroads between localization and technology and currently leads localization at Monta. 
Martina Russo
CEO, founder & owner with 13+ years of experience in the translation and localization industry at The Action Sports Translator.
Miguel Sepulveda
Miguel Sepulveda is the Global Localization Manager at King. His background is in the localization/globalization industry and he runs the Yolocalizo blog where he writes about localization and leadership.
Magdalena Sady
Magdalena Sady is an experienced localization manager with a background in linguistics and translation, holding a Master’s degree in Applied Linguistics. I’m currently working with smartpatient on MyTherapy, the world’s fastest-growing medication management app.
Istvan Lengyel
Istvan Lengyel is the Founder and CEO of BeLazy. He’s an entrepreneur with strong customer and technology orientation. 
Has a strong interest in platform building, efficiency boosting and coordinated processes.
Wants to make the translation industry totally interconnected.
Silvia Mapelli
Silvia Mapelli is a seasoned Localization professional with over 25 years of experience. She helps global companies grow and succeed in international markets and is passionate about language and technology.
Alexandra Dumitriu
Alexandra Dumitriu is a localization program and project manager, with over 8 years of experience in the localization industry. During those years, she’s been involved in a range of fields including medical, gaming, software, and human resources.
James Webb
James Webb serves as an editor and localization manager for both ZEP and SUPERCAT, while also serving as ZEP’s Global Business Manager.
Nataly Kelly
Nataly Kelly loves helping great companies achieve global reach. She’s currently the VP of localization at HubSpot and has worked as an executive in marketing, international operations, and globalization at multiple tech companies, both start-ups and scale-ups, from $20M to beyond $1.5B in ARR.
Liam C.
Liam C. has spent roughly a decade working in localization and vendor management, with localization strategy and workflow automation at the core of it all. His main goal is to provide the best end user experience possible.
Giada Gerotto
Giada Gerotto is a translation vendor manager with a solid linguistic and quality management background.
Alex Coope
With nearly 20 years professional experience (over 10 years specialising in ServiceNow Solution Design and Architecture), Alex is a self-motivated and experienced IT professional with proven knowledge over an expansive career.
Tatiana Ryabinina
Tatiana has been facilitating communication and collaboration across cultures, geographies, functions and organizations over the past 15+ years. She has enabled 60+ global and international brands to speak their customers’ language in 70+ countries, and led localization at the first unicorn of the decade.
Carmen Peluso
Carmen Peluso is a creative and goal-oriented Content and Localization Strategist with Digital Marketing expertise and experience in educational, B2B and B2C Content, Style Guides, content platform and team management.
Cajsa Odeskans
Cajsa Odeskans is the localization manager at Scania. She’s an accomplished stylist and fluent in English and French
Yuning Yang
Yuning Yang is the ex- localization manager at TapTap. She’s experienced in translation, subtitling, and localization project management.
Marina Gracen-Farrell
An innovative localization professional with hands-on experience supporting strategic globalization initiatives, Marina has been a content creator throughout a multi-creative and multiple-year career.
Caroline Crushell
People-oriented Technical Program Manager with a strong passion for languages, content tools and process optimization.
Jamie C.
Jamie is a localization professional with a decade’s worth of experience in the industry. He’s worked on the vendor side, from startups to large language service providers, handling multi-million dollar, fast-paced clients. He’s currently at BetterUp as the Localization Program Manager, helping bring wellness and career betterment through whole person care to users in several languages.
Olga Gulla-Kowalik
A seasoned localization professional with a passion for quality, a strategic thinker with an ability to tirelessly connect the dots in novel ways. Points of focus: people, quality, processes. Localization mentor and consultant.
Tony Cheng
Multilingual Localization Manager with 20 years experience implementing localization solutions for the leading localization service provider in media and technology sectors, managing multicultural and cross-functional teams across various time-zones, localizing globally shipped OTT and broadcast content as well as AAA games and software.
Kris Naydenov
Kris is a localization professional with diverse experience. Having been in the industry for almost 10 years, he has had the opportunity to gain insights from various angles of different sectors – from being a translator at the European Commission to managing localization projects for key clients in the tech and pharma sector. Kris is now a Localization Program Manager at CoachHub, working towards the company’s mission to democratize coaching worldwide and empower coachees in their journey of personal and professional growth.
Almudena Gómez
Zakary Nyberg
Zakary Nyberg works to develop and execute the language and localization strategy for a variety of products and services, including print and digital media, feature length films, broadcasts and events, and more. His primary responsibility is to work closely with initiating departments, program managers, producers, production teams, and international area representatives to ensure end-to-end product localization efforts successfully meet the needs of clients and end users both locally and internationally.
Mariana Pessoa
Experienced Project Manager with a demonstrated history of working in the translation and localization industry. Skilled in Negotiation, Editing, Management, Localization, and Writing. Strong program and project management professional with a Master’s degree focused in Educational Psychology from ISPA – Instituto Universitário.
Martin Chrástek
Currently working as a Product Manager at Tolgee, Martin is a skilled professional with a passion for localization, i18n, and software development. 
Recently he gained valuable experience as a Localization Manager at Reservio, where he developed and implemented a localization strategy, managed a team of translators, and was continuously perfecting the quality of content.
Seda K.

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