[EBOOK] The complete guide to design-stage localization

When you talk to fast-growing companies that are agile and rely on continuous development to some degree, you’ll quickly realize that most haven’t maintained processes and technologies to integrate localization into their product development workflow.  

As a UX writer, designer, developer, product manager, marketer, or linguist, do you know how you can align as a team and build a unified localization workflow that starts at the design stage?  And do you know how to implement it to build a better experience, improve your product for a global audience, and—ultimately—grow your business? 

Design-stage localization can help with this – get a copy of our complete guide here.

We wrote this guide to give you:  

  • A complete introduction to design-stage localization
  • Real examples of design-stage workflows 
  • A video guide to help you get set up
  • A checklist to help you successfully implement localization at the design stage
  • Real case studies and practical examples

Download your free copy.

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