July product updates

New in July: HubSpot integration, Zendesk Dynamic Content, and more ????

This month we’ve introduced the HubSpot integration, Zendesk Dynamic Content, and made the Jira integration available for Jira Server.

We’re also excited to share brand new content including part one of our complete guide to design-stage localization.

Read on for all the details below. ✌️ 

HubSpot integration

With the HubSpot integration you can seamlessly translate web pages, landing pages, blogs, and emails into any language and deliver consistent messages that boost traffic, engagement, and conversion.

Zendesk Dynamic Content

If you use the Zendesk Guide or Zendesk Support integrations, you can easily translate dynamic content to serve your employees and customers in any language.

Jira updates

The Lokalise and Jira integration is now available for Jira Server. Bring your technical and non-technical teams together and make localization visible across your organization. Automatically create and update translation and hand-off tasks in Jira to streamline workflows and accelerate delivery.

Custom tags in Glossary

Give extra context to translators by adding custom tags to Glossary terms and ensure better translation quality.

Blog: Design-stage localization Pt. 1

Working in localization, you’ve likely experienced the frustration of being the last one to know a feature is being planned. Well, we want to change that. 

And the good news is that companies like Withings, Elli, and Gojek are seeing impressive results with a process that embeds localization into agile product development. That process is called design-stage localization.


That’s it for July! See you in August. ????

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