New in July: Facelift, WordPress integration and more ????

In contrast with the economic slowdown during COVID-19 pandemic, most of Lokalise customers after a brief adjustment have actually increased their activity on the platform. At our end, have turned out to be has been on fire as of late with lots of new features and improvements. Please take a couple of minutes to scroll through the key updates and learn about what’s to expect next ????

Facelift of Lokalise UI


We’ve improved the overall design of our UI to provide you with a modern and more consistent look & feel of the Lokalise app. We’ve made it full-screen wide, updated the design of the buttons and other elements, redrawn more than 60 icons and replaced the typeface. There are more functional elements for better experience and the app feels more lightweight than before. We plan to make some UX updates in the nearest future as well.

WordPress integration

With the WordPress integration, you’ll be able to push posts and pages to Lokalise for translation, then pull the translated content back to WordPress, ensuring continuous, simplified yet powerful translation and localization process you’re used to with Lokalise. For a detailed explanation of how the integration works and how to set it up, take a look at our WordPress integration documentation.

Vendor Rate Profiles

This feature will be a great help for customers who engage actively with the Language Service Providers (LSP) aka translation vendors. Add one or more vendors, assign contributors to each vendor and define the translation/revision rates. Lokalise will calculate the costs of translation tasks according to the defined rates and Translation Memory match ranges. For instance, a vendor may be charged $0.05 per word if the TM is leveraged and a linguist only needs to adjust the translation accordingly to fit the context, while $0.15 will be charged in case the vendor is engaged in a completely new translation. Learn more from our documentation.

Task Analysis

New reports are available on the task level. Initial Analysis – even before the translation work has started, you can download the report based on the scope of the task that will tell you how many repetitions you have or how many strings can be leveraged with Translation Memory. Final report is available upon task completion and provides the information on how many strings each linguist has translated and if they’ve leveraged Translation Memory. Detailed final report contains granular information on each string that was translated as the part of the task.

Multilingual Excel

Now we support multilingual Excel files containing translations in two or more languages, which was requested by lots of customers who are either transitioning from a legacy localization workflow or work with users who’re not yet a part of their team in Lokalise or work with materials which are not yet fully supported in Lokalise e.g. need to localize product catalogues, emails, etc. Upon file upload, each column in Excel represents a language/locale. We have updated our Excel documentation to cover both mono & multilingual cases.

Performance improvements

We’ve made some under-the-hood changes that introduce asynchronous background processes. This is particularly relevant for operations like file upload, applying the Translation Memory in bulk and other resource-heavy tasks.  Running these processes in the background ensures extra stability and consistency.

Asana integration 2.0

It’s now possible to define detailed workflows for Asana integration. For instance, when a task is created in Lokalise, a new ticket is created in Asana. Once a specific language is completed in the Lokalise task, a ticket in Asana is updated with the comment and/or status. This gives more flexibility for users to sync Lokalise with Asana workspaces. Learn more about it here.

Figma plugin improvements

Lots of performance improvements and the plugin can now handle big volumes of strings (over 100 languages, lots of screens, etc.). Aside from performance improvements, Figma plugin now fully supports our branching functionality, so users can choose which branch they want to push and pull strings with.

API updates

There have been various updates to our API endpoints making it even more flexible. Notable changes were introduced in Keys, Files and Branches endpoints. See API change log for details.

We have also released a new API client for Python that provides support for all endpoints. As with other API SDKs, this is an open source solution available to all customers. To get started with the client, you may refer to the introductory document.

What’s coming


The main purpose of segmentation is to split translations into smaller, relevant chunks. It makes translators more efficient, translation memory richer and the experience better when localizing longer texts.

Automations 2.0

Customers love Lokalise for the ability to automate routine tasks. We would like to take it to the next level and introduce a dedicated “Automations” feature. You will be able to set up multi-step automation rules that will monitor specific locales for changes and perform actions on other locales (e.g. pre-translation with TM, machine translations, applying custom translation statuses, etc.). Furthermore, you will have full control over the source change management process (versus current Auto-toggle Unverified option).

Adobe XD plugin

We continue to improve the localization process by enabling more teams to start translating at the design stage. Our next milestone is the Adobe XD plugin, aimed at teams using this tool for UI/UX design. Our Adobe XD plugin will work in a similar fashion to our existing Figma plugin.

Intercom Articles

Apart from software localization, modern products host a lot of content in their helpdesk centers. We’ve introduced Zendesk Guide integration a while ago and have seen a lot of companies take advantage and localize their documentation articles in a hassle-free manner. We are happy to announce that we’re now close to launching integration with Intercom Articles Pro as well.

Sign up for status updates

One of our key objectives is to make sure you can always count on Lokalise as a reliable partner. We are proud that our systems are running smoothly day in & day out. Yet we strongly recommend to subscribe to our status updates if you haven’t done so, you will receive information about scheduled maintenance and any incidents if they occur.

Hiring remotely

Want to join one of the fastest growing SaaS companies? We’re looking for talents who bring energy, passion, experience and are interested in growing with us. If you are one of them, check career opportunities at Lokalise – we are now hiring remotely.

If you have questions about any updates, reach out to Lokalise customer support and they’ll be happy to help????.

Enjoy the summer and until the next time!

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