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New in October: updated project navigation, glossary updates, new Ruby library, and more!

This month, we released a new project navigation, made enhancements to the glossary and launched a new Ruby library. And that’s not all!

Read on to get the updates in full ???? 

New project navigation

Following customer research, we have improved the project navigation experience. Enjoy a cleaner, more intuitive navigation that makes it easier to onboard new users and discover features.

Forbidden glossary terms

You can now add forbidden terms to the glossary, and see if they are present in your project. This helps you maintain consistency and quality in your translations by finding outdated terminology, old product names, swear words, or anything else that’s off-brand.

New Ruby library

Save time by leveraging the new customizable Ruby gem to easily exchange translation files between any project written in Ruby and Lokalise, writing as little as one single line of code.

OAuth 2.0

If you are building an application using Lokalise APIv2 you can now use OAuth 2.0 to manage and simplify authorization flows for your team and avoid shared credentials.

Other updates

  • We’ve improved checkout so you can preview your bill and edit billing details before you confirm your translation orders.
  • You can now define target languages when creating a project to expedite project setup.
  • We released a new, enhanced version of the Rails integration that allows you to leverage new customized options to import, export, and manage language files from Lokalise quicker.

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