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New in May: Jira 2.0, useful fintech localization content, and more ????

This May, we’re introducing Jira 2.0 and an improved interface for the Glossary. In addition, we have prepared some useful content for all of you who are interested in fintech localization – so buckle up and keep reading. ⬇️

Jira integration 2.0

We’ve launched a new, upgraded version of Lokalise’s integration with Jira. With this improved integration, all of your tasks and translation orders in Lokalise are automatically created and updated in Jira, providing visibility of your localization flows across teams while eliminating redundant manual task updates.

Additionally, you can automate workflows by defining rules that trigger new hand off tasks and comments in Jira when translation tasks are completed.

Glossary updates

Quickly navigate and find the information you need in the Glossary by choosing between grid and list view. Also, new permission settings allow you to assign a dedicated admin specifically for Glossary. More updates are coming soon. Stay tuned!

Bonus: Finding an LSP for fintech localization

Successful localization in finance depends on collaboration with your language partner to deliver the best results for you and your customers. But choosing, reviewing, discussing, and onboarding capable, specialized LSPs is time consuming. Read our guide to discover how to resolve this pain point.

You can also check out our ebook for a deeper dive into fintech localization challenges and see exactly how Lokalise can help financial companies.

Thank you for your attention! That’s it for now, see you in June.

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