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New in February: Sketch plugin, Zapier, and much more ⚡

January and February passed in the blink of an eye, don’t you think? At Lokalise, we are starting this year with new integrations, product updates, and educational content that will help you further improve and accelerate your localization processes.

Scroll through to check out what we’ve been up to this month ⬇️

Sketch plugin

Sketch plugin

Improving on our existing integration with Sketch, we have just released our Sketch plugin. Like with our Figma plugin experience, designers who prefer Sketch can now preview the design in all languages without leaving their favorite tool, while managers and copywriters no longer need to perform any manual downloads or uploads. Don’t worry, you can still upload .sketch files directly if you prefer.

Zapier integration

Zapier integration

Now you can easily connect Lokalise to thousands of apps via Zapier. Set up Zaps to automate tasks or create custom alerts between Lokalise and other tools, such as cloud storage, task management, communication platforms, etc.

Content integration updates

Intercom integration

We have updated the way our content integrations work while improving the UX. Now you can refresh the content list from your third-party system (WordPress, Contentful, Salesforce CRM & Articles, Intercom Articles, Zendesk Guide, etc.) and immediately see new additions or updated items. You can also search by item name/ID and use the filter component to find the items you need to import. All columns can be easily sorted for your convenience as well. 

Contentful integration updates

Contentful integration

We are continuing to improve our Contentful integration. Now you can use the character limit feature to prevent translation issues. We have also added support for asset fields (e.g., title, description, etc.) and string arrays as well. 

Editor updates

Lokalise editor

We have made a few updates in our Editor:

  • Now you can see the number of base/source words in the top right corner of the editor depending on the view selected (multilingual vs. bilingual).
  • You can filter out multiple keys at once using the ‘Filter’ functionality.
  • We have added support for Japanese and Chinese (Simplified) in our DeepL inline suggestions.
  • We changed the logic of the Save button and introduced a new Save & Confirm button. Use Save to keep your translation progress and Save & Confirm to complete the task.
  • Display key references either as text or as placeholders to manage duplicate translations more effectively.

Translation Memory and Glossary updates

Lokalise translation memory

We have made a few updates to the Translation memory (TM) and Glossary

Users can now see additional metadata on inline suggestions, such as the date the entry was added to the TM and which user made the entry. You can also filter the TM results by your entries that have been added to the Translation memory. 

As for the Glossary, Lokalise now preserves metadata (e.g., translatable, case sensitive) in the CSV imports/exports. The only thing you need to specify are boolean values (yes/no) in the columns of the CSV file. 

Other updates

Lokalise webhooks

If you’re using Webhooks in Lokalise, it’s important to know that we now return the task type in the project.task.created and project.task.closed payloads. The task type can be either translation or review

And last but not least, it’s now possible to zoom in and out on large screenshots linked to keys. This can be especially useful when working with full-page screenshots.

We launched the Lokalise Partners program 

Lokalise partners program

We just launched the Lokalise Partners program! 

We will always be happy to expand the list of digital and development agencies, language service providers, professional service providers, universities, and potential integration partners around the world to help end customers automate their localization workflows. Head over to our Lokalise Partners page to check out what’s in it for you and to drop us a line.

Learn from the experts: how to build a strong localization team

Depending on your product, your new market, and the complexity of the required localization, each localization process may look different. However, there are several stakeholders that should make up every localization team. With exclusive insights and real-life examples from 10+ companies, such as ActiveCampaign and Onfido, this ebook will show you how to assemble the best possible localization team. Please check our blog for other useful pieces of information as well. 

Introducing our unlimited vacation policy

Lokalise unlimited vacation policy

Unlimited vacation policies can be a two-edged sword. Read this article by Jessica Silva, our Head of People, to discover what makes our policy unique and how we use it to promote a healthy work-life balance.

We’re actively hiring people for product, customer success, sales, marketing, and engineering roles. Head over to our Careers page and help us out by spreading the word. ????

That’s it for now. See you next month! 

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