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New in January: Updates to glossary navigation, plus enhancements to the WordPress app & OTA services

This month, we’ve made improvements to glossary navigation, and introduced WordPress Advanced Custom Fields. Plus, we’ve upgraded our OTA services to benefit iOS and Android app users. 

Read on to get the updates in full.

Glossary navigation

You can now filter and sort glossary terms, and also perform case sensitive searches. This makes finding the terms you are looking for in the glossary faster. 

WordPress supports Advanced Custom Fields (ACF)

If you are using Advanced Custom Fields in WordPress, you can now easily import and translate your content in Lokalise.

OTA translation delivery just got faster

Our OTA services have been upgraded to use a global CDN for high-speed delivery of translation bundles to iOS and Android app users worldwide.

New Lokalise apps in January



Built by ContentQuo.
Continuously sync projects and exchange translations between ContentQuo and Lokalise to automate your quality management process.



Built by Pravin Chaudhary
Connect your Pimcore account with Lokalise to quickly import, export, and translate data objects and documents.



Built by Daan Vansteenhuyse
Make sure the whole team is on the same page by triggering automatic notifications in Discord channels every time a change happens in Lokalise.

That’s it for January, see you next month!

If you’ve missed any of the new stuff we’ve been releasing each month, you can catch up on the latest releases here.

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