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New in August: Lokalise Messages for HubSpot and Drift, Make app connection

This month, we’ve introduced some interesting new integrations to help you communicate with customers and prospects, regardless of what language they speak: Lokalise Messages for HubSpot and Drift. Also, check out how to quickly simplify your workflows through the Make app.

Read on to get the updates in full 👉

New integrations: Lokalise Messages for HubSpot and Drift

Have conversations with customers and prospects no matter where they are or what language they speak. Use Lokalise Messages to instantly translate conversations between customers and your company directly in your HubSpot or Drift inbox. Book a demo and see it in action

Using Intercom or Zendesk? You can already enable Lokalise Messages and equip your support teams to chat with customers around the world in their preferred languages. Learn more here.

Coming soon: Lokalise Messages for Salesforce, Front, and Kustomer

Want to be one of the first to chat with customers in any language using Lokalise Messages for Salesforce, Front, or Kustomer?

Request a demo and enter the shortlist.

Make app

Now you can easily connect Lokalise to thousands of apps via Make. Turn complex workflows into simple ones in minutes using a visual platform that lets you automate tasks and connect Lokalise to cloud storage, task management, communication platforms, and other tools.

That’s it for this month, see you next time! 👋

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