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New in July: Developer Hub, Contentstack and Braze apps, new keyboard shortcuts and more

This month, we’ve introduced our new Developer Hub and released the Contentstack and Braze apps. Plus, check out our new keyboard shortcuts to boost your productivity, learn how to adjust your team visibility settings, and keep your project tidy with the “Delete a file” API endpoint.

Read on to get the updates in full 👉

Developer Hub

Visit the new one-stop shop for all developer tools and resources that guides you through localization best practices and helps you discover how to automate localization workflows and build apps faster. Start building.

Contentstack app

Easily exchange content between Contentstack and Lokalise, and smoothly manage your localized content across websites, mobile apps, e-commerce, and more. Here are the instructions to set it up.

Braze app

Connect Lokalise and Braze to localize your campaigns and engage with customers in their native languages. Learn more here.

Improved: language filters

You can now switch between languages even faster, and select just the languages you translate, with our newly improved language filters.

New keyboard shortcuts

Speed up translations and boost productivity with our new keyboard shortcuts. You can now confirm and move to the next translation, select a machine translation result, and much more.

Team visibility settings

Make your teams visible to new Lokalise users from your organization and collaborate with them from the start. Adjust your team visibility settings and allow your colleagues to view, request access to, or simply join a team.

Automate deletion of files from projects

Keep your project clean by deleting unnecessary files using the “Delete a file” API endpoint. This endpoint is only supported for “Documents” projects.

Lokalise Academy

Interested in brushing up on the basics of localization or thinking about localizing your content for new markets? We’re proud to announce the launch of the Localization Basics course, Lokalise Academy’s latest certification course!  Enroll for free and learn from experts in the field including #KathrinBussmannPhD and #BruanBeatrizGabriel!

That’s it for this month, see you next time! 👋

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