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New in June: Custom processor app, new Figma filters, Lokalise Dictate, and more

This month, we’re delivering new apps and features to make your life easier, including the custom processor app and new filters in Figma. We’ve also introduced a new keyboard shortcut, and Lokalise Dictate Chrome extension.

Read on to get the updates in full 👉

Custom processor app

With the new custom processor app, you can automate your pre- and post-translation workflow by running it as part of the upload and download process with Lokalise. Implement your custom workflow in less than 5 minutes by spinning up a pre-built processing server. Learn more here.

New filters in the Figma plugin

Speed up your translation workflow by filtering out text that shouldn’t be translated directly in Figma. Skip translations for hidden text and elements you want left untranslated such as dates (without letters), time, special characters, and elements containing a single letter.

Changing letter case

Save time spent formatting your translations by quickly shifting from upper to lower case and vice versa with a single shortcut. Simply open a translation, highlight the target text, and press Shift + F3 (or Fn + Shift + F3 for some laptops).

Lokalise Dictate

This new Chrome extension will help you speed up translations, allowing you to type with your voice directly into the Lokalise editor. Visit the Chrome web store listing and start using this time-saving speech-to-text tool.

LocWorld47 Berlin

We’re excited to announce that Lokalise is a Platinum Sponsor, and you can find us at booth #204 on July 11-13.

Come to say hi, and enter our raffle for a chance to win a prize! Don’t miss it 🎁

That’s it for this month, see you next time! 👋

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