What’s new in May? Give it up for long-form content

Imagine your tech, marketing, and support team working in sync. All are on the same page and on track to launch a new product or feature in multiple markets. It sounds global mission impossible. Well, you know what – it’s not. You can now manage all your multilingual content in one place, from your UX copy and support documentation to your emails and blog posts.

Ready to achieve cross-departmental localization with just a few clicks? Check out what’s new at Lokalise.

Your global marketing and support content hub

Wahooooo! A new project type has landed! With the marketing and support project type, you can now see long-form content in the same order as you see it in your content management systems. You can also translate it by paragraph, headline, and more, instead of one block of text.

Keep localized products, emails, blogs, support content, and more, together in one central hub, and make it easier for developers, marketers, and translators to collaborate. No more miscommunication and inconsistencies — just a smooth process from start to finish. Want to see how it works? This feature is already available to everyone by default, so sign in and try it out.

What else you should know?

  • Translation memory is also available for long-form content, so you can recycle past translations to save time and money.
  • Yes! You can use AI translations too, to speed up the process. Remember to add your style guide and glossary for machine translations that are on-brand, consistent, and most importantly, don’t sound awkward Say hello to translations that truly resonate with your global audience.

Email, CMS, and support integrations coming out of your ears!

Managing multilingual content can be painful, especially if your go-to-market content is spread across multiple content management systems and other marketing tools. Lokalise solves this by integrating with major support, CMS, and email marketing platforms. Think WordPress, Braze, Contentful, Hubspot, Zendesk Guides, and more. This allows you to pull in ALL your content from wherever you store it, so you can translate ALL your content in one place and automatically push it back when it’s ready. Also, if you optimize a blog post, update documentation, or anything else, you can pull in only the new text that needs to be translated, optimizing your time and that of your translators. Want to launch a global campaign where all your messaging is aligned?

And there you have it folks, stay tuned for more updates coming your way next month.

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