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New in November: Bitbucket Enterprise, ISO 27001, Figma improvements, and more ????

For some, November is the month for growing a moustache to raise awareness about an important cause. For others, it’s all about impatiently waiting for the holiday season.

For us at Lokalise, it’s been a mix of both, but also quite busy; especially in terms of the product and infosec.

We introduced new integrations, further improved some existing ones (happens all the time), added ISO 27001 and 27017 certifications to the SOC 2 Type 2 we already had, and much more. Still, it will not hurt to scroll down through it all. ????

    Bitbucket Enterprise integration

    Lokalise Bitbucket enterprise

    Lokalise can now be integrated with the on-premises version of BitbucketBitbucket Enterprise. This integration is very similar to the cloud version of Bitbucket that we already had, but there are some nuances between them. For instance, the single commit feature will not be available with Enterprise version. Also, if you’re not using OAuth but some other authentication method, you will have to define the host URL of your organization.

    Lokalise now supports three code repositories: GitHub, Gitlab, and Bitbucket, all with their cloud and on-premises versions. 

    Bitbucket Enterprise is only available for Pro & Enterprise plan users – enjoy planning projects, collaborating on code, testing, and deploying.

    Rails integration

    Lokalise Rails

    Our new Rails integration, packaged as a Ruby Gem, enables easy translation exchanges between Lokalise and your application using a set of Rake commands, for example, rails lokalise_rails:import. This integration also supports a handful of configuration options that can be adjusted right inside your application. You can control which files to export, what their format should be, where they should be stored, and more. Try it and see for yourself.

    ISO certification

    Lokalise ISO

    On security and compliance: in addition to our SOC 2 Type 2 Certification, Lokalise has just added ISO 27001 and ISO 27017 accreditations. What does this mean? It once again assures that our security practices, data safeguards, and risk management processes meet the highest standards and comply with industry best practices. Developing as a customer-centric organization, we have been prioritizing data security since day one. Lokalise is one of only a few of companies that officially complies with both US (SOC 2) and international (ISO) compliance and security standards.

    New Bulk Action

    Lokalise Bulk Action

    Bulk actions in Lokalise allow users to save a lot of time when they have to perform mass actions with keys or translations. Last month, we added one of the most requested bulk actions: setting character limits for selected keys at scale. Now we’re adding another one to make your localization process even more convenient. You can now link or unlink the screenshots to/from selected keys. Simply select the keys, open up a bulk menu, and then choose the “Screenshots…” action. From there, you can choose whether to link/unlink existing screenshots or upload new ones.

    Figma plugin improvements


    To make user experience even better, we’ve released a couple of improvements for the Figma plugin. These should improve performance when working with large and complex design files that contain a lot of text nodes. In addition, we’ve introduced a multi-platform select for pushing new keys in the updated Figma plugin.

    Receive status updates via Webhooks


    As you probably know, it’s possible to subscribe to our status updates. You can opt to receive email notifications, text messages, or notifications in Slack whenever Lokalise creates, updates or resolves an incident, or changes a component status. Now, you can do so via Webhooks as well. Stay in the loop by enabling webhook notifications.

    New on the Lokalise blog

    Lokalise new blog posts

    Read through the various topics we’ve covered on the blog recently. From continuous localization and practical tips for international SEO, to adapting your voice to new markets – there’s something for everyone. On the tech side, we hope you’ll enjoy the third and final part of the comprehensive guide on how to create and publish a Ruby Gem, and our beginner’s guide to EmberJS i18n, too.

    What’s coming

    Salesforce integration

    Lokalise Salesforce

    The integration with the central product in Salesforce – its cloud-based CRM, is planned for a release in the coming days. Stay tuned!

    Adobe XD plugin improvements

    Lokalise Figma

    We recently submitted an updated Adobe XD plugin to Adobe for review. Expect the updated version to become available in the coming days. ????

    Similarly to the newly updated Figma plugin, in the Adobe XD plugin we have improved performance when working with large and complex files. The plugin will also fully support our custom translation statuses. Create statuses in the project and assign these to inserted and updated translations when pushing strings from Adobe XD to Lokalise. In addition, Lokalise will be able to automatically detect formatted text (e.g. bold, italic, underlined, etc.) from Adobe XD and display the corresponding tags in the editor.

    Storyblok integration

    Lokalise Storyblok

    As you might have noticed, we are currently focused on extending our list of connectors. We have started working on the Storyblok integration, which has been in hot demand recently from both our prospects and existing customers. Storyblok is a rapidly growing headless CMS that is disrupting the space. Stay tuned for more information about developments!

    We’re hiring (yep always, but now more actively than before ????)

    Lokalise Hiring

    ​We’re expanding big time and we’re looking for talented people who share the same growth mindset. Are you one of them? Or perhaps you know someone who would be a perfect fit? Snoop around in our open positions: we’re looking for content writers, marketers, developers, engineers, and product and sales specialists. To be in with a chance, apply yourself or spread the word. ✌

    Want to get more frequent updates on Lokalise? To discover new knowledge articles, blog posts, product updates, or maintenance announcements, follow us on Twitter and Linkedin.

    Exciting things lie ahead as we’re slowly wrapping up this both strange and exciting year. See you next time!


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