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New in October: Automations, a new bulk action, and more ????

Productivity is not just about doing more in less time. It’s also about having enough bandwidth to focus on the things that truly matter. Automating as much as possible will free up a lot of your time, and that’s where Lokalise excels.

With some very exciting features coming in November, we would like to announce the following features and updates today.



With Automations, automated workflows in Lokalise are brought to the next level. Choose the settings and conditions you want in order to create custom workflows for your localization team. Trigger action chains like applying machine translation, translation memories, pseudolocalization, and others, based on changes in any language in the project. Keep all team members in the loop and ensure the best environment for continuous localization.

Set character limit in bulk

Character limit

Bulk actions allow users to save a lot of time when they have to perform mass actions with keys or translations. We have now added one of the most requested bulk actions: setting character limits for selected keys at scale. Simply select the keys, open up a bulk menu, choose the “Character limit: set/unset” action and type a number in the character limit field.

Performance improvements

Performance improvements 25x

We are focused on continuously improving the performance of our app. The most recent changes relate to all the bulk operations that are carried out on translations, e.g. merging branches, updating translations in bulk, Automations, etc. After extensive testing, we concluded that our users can now anticipate a fivefold improvement in speed across the entire Lokalise platform. In some specific instances, we’ve even registered speed improvements 25x higher than previous levels. If you manage a high volume of projects it’s time to buckle up and enjoy the ride.

What’s coming

Content integrations upgrade


We are upgrading the workflow for all of the existing content-type integrations: WordPress, Contentful, Intercom Articles, Zendesk Guide, etc. Refreshing content from third-party systems will become more straightforward. In addition, we are introducing a filter and search functionality. Stay tuned – the content integrations page is getting a facelift very soon.

Jira 2.0

Jira integration Lokalise

Customers often use Jira software together with Lokalise to keep track of localization requests or bugs. Our current Jira integration allows users to programmatically create Jira issues based on received events. The update will enable the customization of many other workflows involving Jira and Lokalise. With translation activities integrated in Jira, teams will be able to access project information from a single workspace. All team members are kept in the loop and under one roof.

Coming to today’s webinar?


Today @ 5 PM CET (11 AM EST), we’re organizing a live webinar with Martina Russo, the founder of Moving Words. Martina’s been helping SaaS and B2B clients, digital marketing companies, and action sports brands to scale across markets since 2010.

The recording will be available – in order to get it, just register for the event.

In September, Martina caused quite a stir on LinkedIn when she shared a post talking about why translation and localization software ‘standards’ in 2020 suck.

Please also share this with those in the know.

We’re hiring

​Hands up if you know talented developers, engineers, marketers, product or sales specialists. Or perhaps you are one of them? Spread the word or apply yourself, there are over 15+ open positions at Lokalise

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We hope you’ll enjoy these new features, and until next time!

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