Lokalise What's New – October 2020

October: Intercom Articles, GitHub Enterprise integration, and more ????

Feels like summer (and winter for the Southern Hemisphere) flew by in a flash, right? Same here. Nevertheless, the new season brings new features and updates from Lokalise. Let’s take a deep dive into each one:

  • Intercom Articles integration ????
  • GitHub Enterprise integration ????‍????
  • New workflow updates for Figma integration????
  • Automatic MT ordering ????
  • Ability to select source languages within Tasks ????
  • 20+ new product-related blog posts with expert tips and advice

Intercom Articles

Intercom articles

Apart from software localization, modern, constantly evolving products don’t come without helpdesk articles. Recently, we have introduced the integration with Intercom Articles Pro, helping teams involved in managing multilingual help docs to translate articles and collections much more seamlessly. 

GitHub Enterprise

Github Enterprise

Lokalise now integrates with the on-premises version of GitHub – GitHub Enterprise. The integration works in the same way as with GitHub Cloud, the only difference is that you need to define a Host URL for your organization. GitHub Enterprise is only available for Pro & Enterprise plan users. 

Figma updates (custom statuses, formating)


We are continuing to improve the experience with our Figma plugin. It now fully supports our custom translation statuses functionality. Create statuses in the project and assign those to inserted and updated translations when you are pushing strings from Figma to Lokalise. In addition, Lokalise is able to automatically detect formatted text (e.g. bold, italic, underlined, etc.) and display the corresponding tags in the editor.

Automatic MT ordering


It is now possible to order translations from MT engines like Google & DeepL programmatically using our orders/create API endpoint.  

Ability to select source languages in the tasks

Task Source

There may be cases when you need to translate the text using a  language other than the project source. This is especially relevant for industries where content can drastically differ between two markets or for translators that perform better using a different base language. Now when creating a task, you will be able to select the source language for it even if your project base language is different. Inline MT & TM suggestions will be adjusted for the assignees working on a particular task to mirror the selected language pair for the completion of the task.  

20+ new articles at Lokalise blog

Lokalise What's New

In the last 2 months, we have published over 20 articles about everything from how to name and organize your translation keys, to tips to incorporate machine translation into localization workflow, to a step-by-step guide on how to build your own arcade machine, and more.

What’s coming:

Bitbucket Enterprise

Bitbucket Enterprise

Similar to the GitHub Enterprise integration, we will be soon introducing an integration with the enterprise version of Bitbucket.

Salesforce integration

Salesforce integration

We will soon be releasing our integration with the central product in Salesforce, its cloud-based CRM. This particular integration will help you localize Sales Cloud for your internal users (e.g. geographically distributed support teams), Communities Pages for business partners and customers, and Knowledge Base Articles for support & customer success teams.

Highest-rated support team

Lokalise Best Relationship Fall 2020

Even some of the most experienced Lokalise users sometimes need a little help. If you have questions about any updates, reach out to our customer support – our team provides the highest-rated support according to business software review platform G2, and they are always there to help you out.


I hope you give these new features a try, and until the next time!

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