New in Lokalise: Boost localization efficiency with these updates

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We hope you had a fantastic summer. As we all get back into the swing of things, we’re thrilled to share some fresh updates to make your localization process even more efficient and seamless that we’ve been cooking up over the warmer months.

Product updates

Discover our brand new version of Lokalise Messages for Zendesk Chat

Deliver great customer experience, cut response times and serve customers worldwide in their native languages, instantly, regardless of what agents are available. Enjoy new capabilities like glossary, analytics, exclusion rules, and more to deliver great customer service to every customer!

Try Lokalise Messages for Zendesk Chat

Improve efficiency on long-form content

View and manage all of your files in one place, open one or multiple files at once, and perform bulk actions. This is a win for anyone working on document-type projects such as PPTX, HTML, IDML and DOCX, as it brings better visibility and increases efficiency.

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A more user-friendly Ruby SDK

We’ve completely rewritten our Ruby SDK to make it even more user friendly. Now, you can fetch, update, and delete resources via the API using more convenient methods.

Discover the NEW Ruby SDK

App in the spotlight


For content and marketing teams that need to roll out translated campaigns ASAP, the Lokalise Contentful integration has you covered. Sync Lokalise with Contentful to seamlessly push and pull your content, and publish global campaigns as soon as they’re ready.

Explore the Contentful integration

Tips and tricks

Did you know that you can create custom translation statuses in Lokalise to better organize your translations? Simply go to the ‘More’ tab in your project settings and choose ‘Translation statuses.’ Click on ‘+Add’ and name your status, then select a color, and hit ‘Create status.’ Voilà—you can now use your status to organize your translations.

Learn more about custom statuses

That’s it for this month, see you next time! 👋

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