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New in March: Storyblok, Figma updates, Zapier templates, and much more ⚡️

Spring is the perfect time to bring in the new. At Lokalise, we’re kicking the season off with updated integrations and new product features. But one thing remains constant: we are ranked the #1 localization software by G2 for the 7th straight quarter.

Storyblok integration

Storyblok integration

With the new Storyblok integration, you can seamlessly manage all of your localized content across websites, mobile apps, help desks, e-commerce, and more. Here are the instructions to set it up.

Figma updates

Figma plugin for Lokalise

We’ve upgraded the Lokalise plugin for Figma. Now you can create and share duplicate read-only pages to allow marketing and other teams to preview pages in different languages or quickly hand over translation keys to developers.

Additionally, you can set character limits to ensure translations follow design guidelines, customize key names to fit your naming conventions, and view the last push/pull display, so you are always working on the latest version.

Adobe XD updates

Set character limits between Adobe XD and Lokalise to make sure your translations never go over set lengths. Plus, customize the key names pushed to Lokalise to follow your usual naming conventions.

Zap templates by Zapier

Zapier Templates Lokalise

Do you use Trello, Slack, Dropbox, or Google Drive? If the answer is yes, you can now leverage Zap templates and instantly connect Lokalise to any of these tools. You can always create your own Zaps to connect with 1000s of other tools available through Zapier, as well.

API updates

Lokalise API

We keep enhancing our API. This month, we’ve added a new parameter to translation objects, so you can get more context and know if an object is part of ongoing tasks. Moreover, you can now leverage the Lokalise API to automatically create translation orders using team credit.

Elixir SDK

Elixir SDK

Leverage all the capabilities of the Lokalise API using Elixir SDK. Use our Elixir library to programmatically manage your Lokalise projects, import and export translation files, and much more.

Other updates

Updates Lokalise
And we are not stopping there. Other improvements allow you to:

  • Update your Glossary term values and metadata by simply uploading a CSV file with the updated columns – no need to re-upload the whole file.
  • Explore the full advantages of rich text in Contentful using embedded entries.
  • Manage permissions to allow users to create branches without being able to manage, delete, or merge them.
  • Download multiple invoices with just a few clicks.
  • Improve collaborative workflows by contextualizing your translation tasks with up to 20 custom translation statuses.
  • Get instant visibility of how much your translation tasks will cost and automate payments by leveraging a new webhook that automatically retrieves translation memory hit rate thresholds for your tasks.

We’re the #1 rated localization software on G2

Lokalise G2

For yet another quarter, we have been recognized as leaders in localization, CAT tools, and translation management software by G2.

We were awarded Best Support, Best Usability, Best Relationship, to name but a few.

All this is thanks to our customers, large and small, who are movers and shakers and money makers in every sector. ????

And we’re actively hiring people across the board to continue growing and delivering on all fronts. Head over to our careers page and help us out by spreading the word.

That’s all for now. Goodbye winter and we’ll see you all again next month!

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